site going to cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi

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I've just re-pointed several of my websites from my previous host to inmotionhosting. When I purchased my dedicated server I was given 15 IP addresses which all connect to my server, and I'm assigning each to a website. The problem I'm getting shows "Template Error: The template file must be given" on my pages and instead of my pages pointing to the root, they now point to cgi-sys/defaultwebpae.cgi.
I'm not using cgi with any of my websites. When I contacted customer support they told me it was because my ip addresses were not active, but that's not true since I can type in "" and get directly to my site.
My website is
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you for your question SouthWest! Usually when you see the default Apache page, the IP address set for the A record is not the same IP that was assigned to that domain on your server. Unfortunately, in this case, is loading a website and we do not get that error. Please try clearing your cache. How to clear your browser's cache How do I clear my local DNS cache? You will want to double check the IP address that was set for that domain to make sure it is the correct IP. You can see the IP address for the domain by checking the cPanel stats on the left. The Ip will either be the "Shared IP address" or "Dedicated IP Address" depending on if a dedicated IP was assigned to that cpanel or not. Regads James R