Add on Domain Issues

  • Answered
I have the domain name "" but for some reason the address only shows with the main domain name at the end like this "". When I tried to do the add-on domain I received this error " domainadmin-domainexistsglobal".

I'm nervous to delete any files but if there is a remedy to this I would really appreciate the help.

Michele secrest
Hello Michelle,

That error simply means that the addon cannot be created until the subdomain is removed from the subdomain list. Removing subdomains or addon domains from the lists are safe as they do not delete any files or folders related to them.

To add the addon domain, go ahead and remove the subdomain from that list, then you can go back to the addon tool and add it there. It will also recreate the subdomain when it adds the new addon domain.

Best Regards,
Scott M