xml page cannot be displayed

  • Answered
While trying to install FileZila and I click on FTP cfg. I receive the error page
xml page connot be displayed

How do I proceed from here?
Hello Jaybe, Using Filezilla FTP is actually easier than you may realize. You do not need to load the configuration file (as you can see, it doesn't work). I typically use the quick connection option, but if you're setting up a connection, then the parameters would be: General: Host = domain name (you need to type in your domain name, or the path to your server such as ecbiz83.inmotionhosting.com port = 21 logon type = normal user = Cpanel user name (you can find this under AMP) Password = Cpanel password ( you can reset this under AMP) Skip the Advanced tab (don't change anything in there) Transfer Settings - should be set to passive Skip Charset tab and then try connecting. Hope this helps! If you need help finding your Cpanel user name, it's in the Account Management Panel (AMP) under Account & Billing details (go to active subscriptions and click on DETAILS again). Here's a video article on using FTP with FileZilla: Using FileZilla Video If you have any further questions, please contact technical support or leave a comment at the bottom of the page. Regards, Arnel C.