How do i setup a non-public wordpress site

  • Answered
I want to create an e-commerce wordpress site but I don't want it to be live until I'm ready. I need certain people to have access to the WP backend and view the site but I don't want search engines to find me or anyone else.

Can you tell me how to go about it, please
Hello allann,

You will want to find a plugin that allows you to set the blog to NoIndex so search engines will not index it until you remove it. This way you can test your site without it officially going live.

Be advised, however, that anything on a webserver is live and can be found randomly. Also, the NoIndex setting is a 'request' for automatic bots from search engines to not index it. Any search engine can certainly ignore that and index your page anyway. The big ones (Google, Yahoo, Bing) tend to respect these settings, however.

Best Regards,
Scott M