I can't access my wordpress admin site

  • Answered
I installed wordpress with fantastico and it gave me the link http://theislandlife/home/wp-admin but my web browser says it can't find the site. I've tried it on mozilla and google chrome. Also..i dont know if this is an administration issue with inmotion but i looked up my site on whois.com and it says my domain is still available for sale...could that be why i can't access my page? I've been signed up for more than a few days now..so i'll take any help with this.
Hello theharp,

It appears there was a mistake in the domain registration process of the domain name. I have ensured it is now registered properly. The name may take a few hours to propagate, but the URL http://theislandlife.biz/home/wp-admin should work properly after that time frame.

Best Regards,
Scott M