Password protecting wp-admin creates too many redirects

  • Answered

When I use InMotion's password protect a directory feature in cPanel to protect /wp-admin/, I am no longer able to log in to my site's WP admin area. As soon as I remove the password protection, I am able to log in the admin area without a problem.

The server error I receive is 310: Too many redirects. How can I fix this? I want to make sure /wp-admin/ is extra secure.
Hello accessgroup, Placing the protection on the wp-admin folder is not very helpful to secure the admin dashboard. This is due to the wp-admin redirecting to where it does the actual login. This means that they can bypass the wp-admin folder entirely to get to your login page. I do have a link from the WordPress site that helps you with hardening your installation from infiltration. This is much more effective for your site. Hardening Wordpress Best Regards, Scott M