Installation APC and Memcache

  • Answered
I want to install APC and Memcache on my VPS but everytime I run the commands I get messages like "you must be root" or "myusername is not on sudo list".
How can I get this working?
Installing memcache takes SSH and root access to your account. Our systems team can certainly install that for you if you wish. As it is relatively involved, however, there may be a charge for it to be done. If you are interested in getting root access so you can try it yourself, you can use this link to find out how to request root access. If you wish to have our Systems team install it, please email them at [email protected] along with standard account validation (last 4 of credit card on file, or full current AMP password) so you can get a quote on the install. If you have any further questions on the procedure, please leave us a comment below. Best Regards, Scott M