Do I need to transfer my domain to set up Domain keys and SPF records on my inmotion email accounts?

  • Answered
I want to be able to send email from other servers on behalf of the email accounts I have set up on my inmotion account.

I understand that I should enable domain keys and create an SPF record so that these emails are not trapped as spam. My domain is registered at Go Daddy, do I have to transfer it?

I get an error if I try to enable Domain Keys that says I have to do this on my domain host.
Hello MikeD, Your domain does not have to be with us as a registrar in order to set up your domain keys and SPF records. It does, however, need to be pointed to our nameservers if you want to set them up from here. I checked with your primary domain and that does seem to be the case. To add domain keys and spf records to the account, you will want to go to the Email Authentication tool located in the Mail category of the Cpanel. From there you can enable either one or both features. For maximum protection in the SPF records, be sure to check the box under the "All Entry (ALL):" selection. Below is a link with further information. How to set up domain keys and SPF records I hope this answers your question. If you have any further questions, please leave a comment below and we can be of more help. Thanks! - Scott M.