How do I keep certain files on server in public_html for use for a new design?

  • Answered
I would like to reorganize existing html files for viewing thru a drop-down menu. Some pages and links will not be carried forward. But I want to be sure what I am removing as well as retaining on server. Have backed up the site and downloaded to a local drive. See that backup version resides on server also.
Hi bam2027, Thank you for your question regarding reorganizing your site files. One thing that may be helpful in tracking your current files and links would be to create a sitemap. This will create a list of all the existing pages on your site. Downloading the backup to your local drive is very important, so it's great that you've already taken that step. Please keep in mind that backups of your site should not be kept on the server (per our Terms of Service). You mentioned that some links will not be carried forward into the new design. For those pages that you will not be using in the new design, it is best practice to create a redirect so that anyone accessing the old link will not receive an error message. Please let us know if you have any additional questions or need further assistance. Regards, Christi N.