Quick Cache

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Quick Cache is used by many other hosting services, and is the choice for several plugins that I use. W3TotalCache which I am currently using is not totally compatible with either my Mobile theme or one of the plugins that I need to use. Your Techies have told me that Quick Cache is ineffectual. Other sources say that it works fine. can you please help me understand the discrepency. Has InMotionHosting actually done benchmarks on this? Would quickcache be acceptable in a VPS environment ?
Hello Karen,

I'm sorry you're having trouble with W3 Total Cache. While I'm not familiar with the Quick Cache plugin myself, it's best to go with the recommendations of our Systems Team. One thing I did notice while looking into this for you is that Quick Cache does not cache pages for logged in users or users who recently left comments. This would negate a large portion of the caching normally done by a caching plugin, and could be why they are recommending a different plugin.

Our Systems Team would be happy to provide more details as to why one plugin is recommended over another. Please feel free to respond to your latest email from our Systems Team for additional information on their recommendations.


Christi N.