Can't see site files in FIleZilla FTP

  • Answered
after installed Joomla2.5.

I follows instruction, setting FTP. and FileZilla can connect

But I found in only 1 file ( configuration.php), nothing else.

if go to cpanel, file is all there. please show the right way to use ftp.

Hello ochuangster, I'm sorry you're having trouble seeing your files when connecting via FTP. While looking into this for you, I see that you also submitted a ticket to our Support Team regarding this issue and I have answered that ticket as well. When you create an FTP account, cPanel attempts to guess the folder you want the FTP account to have access to. When creating an FTP account, make sure you have the Directory field set to the correct folder (e.g. public_html for the main domain's document root). If you need to change the directory an FTP account has access to, you will first need to remove it and then recreate it with the correct directory path. You can also use your cPanel user name and password as an FTP account. Just be sure that you navigate to the correct folder when using the cPanel user name and password for FTP. Please let us know if you have additional questions or need further assistance. Regards, Christi N.