how to change the name that appear on google search

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how to change the name of website that appear on google search  list. 

How to change the name highlighted below in wordpress. 

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Sri Guru Sai Institute

This very thought has led to the development of Sri Guru Sai Institution or SGS Institution. Here we take your ward's studies very seriously.We study your ...You've visited this page 2 times. Last visit: 8/7/19

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Hello Shweta,

Thanks for the question about changing the name that appears in a Google search result.  Typically, this is based on what Google crawled on your site.  If you have updated your site and Google is showing old terminology, then you will need to go to Google Search Console and then request a re-index of your site.  You can also go this page in the Search Console Help. We (the web hosting service) are unable to change a search engine result.  You will need to contact the search engine for assistance in that matter. 

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Kindest regards,

Arnel C.