How do i connect to FTP?

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I have 2 ftp accounts set up that I use to update my website on my home network, and this works fine. However on the school network, even though I can log in to the ftp account and access files, I cannot update files or add new files and when i try i get a 550 access denied error. Everything is exactly the same except for the network.

This is possibly related though not as critical. On that same school network I am unable to access my control panel even though I can access it at home with no problem. The page just doesnt load.
Tim S.
Hi james7777666, Thanks for posting your question. I'm more than happy to assist you. You are likely behind a firewall at school preventing you to connect via FTP. However, you can run some simple tests to determine so. You're going to need to run a telnet test from the commandline. Here's instructions on how to do so: To test if port 25 is blocked, open your command line on your local computer. For windows users, you can access this via start -> run -> cmd. Mac users can use the "terminal" application. Once on the command line, type:

telnet 21

Please note: Telnet is disabled on newer versions of Microsoft Windows. If you receive an error similar to,"Windows cannot find 'telnet'", you may need to enable telnet. To enable telnet, click the "How do I install Telnet?" link on the following Microsoft help article: In the above command, please be sure that you replace with your actual domain name. If you get no response or a failure, port 21 blocking is the likely issue. I hope this helps! Feel free to respond with the error message, if you receive one. If you need further assistance please feel free to contact us. Thanks! Tim S