I need a cron job to delete and archive old emails.

  • Answered

I am looking for the Cron Job command to run which will delete emails, from a specific inbox on our account, that is older then 10days. Below is a version i found but not sure if it will work with our VPS server account.

/usr/bin/archivemail --quiet --delete --days 10 /home/[Cpanel User Name]/mail/[Domain Name]/[Username]/inbox

Please help as i am not sure if this even works.
Tim S.
Hi NorComp, Thank you for taking the time to submit a question! We have an article on it that you may find useful. You'll need to install it first. Archivemail to archive old emails Now, we haven't tested the cronjob you have posted, however once the script is installed you can test it out on your VPS. If you need further assistance please feel free to contact us. Thanks! Tim S