Performance issues

  • Answered
My website performs extremely slow, not so my access to other websites posted elsewhere. Can you fix this, and if necessary move the site to a server with less congestion.

This would be a reason for me to move to another ISP if this cannot be resolved.

Hi georgesvh, I'm more than happy to look into this further with you. We do need a few more details to help us before we can review further. Please update your question or post in the comments with the following details: 1. What software did you use to create your website? 2. How long does the site take to load for you? 3. Is it all pages that load slowly, or certain pages? If certain pages, which ones? 4. Does your website use a MySQL database? The following article may help as well: Why is my server slow / how do I run a ping and tracert test? Thanks, - Brad