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manually installed wordpress but it can't access the database.. i used localhost as the path, is this correct?

also i tried to install thru the cpanel and it gave me this error:

This is a modified cPanel module. Please contact the maintainer for support. (v0.4)

Website http://www.wordpress.org/

Sorry modified cPanel addons are not allowed, contact your server admin for more info.

Tim S.
Hi jonasmckee,

Thanks for posting a question. I'm sorry you're having issues with WordPress. I'm more than happy to help. WordPress uses 'localhost' so you are correct. Have you created the database and user in phpmyadmin? Check to make sure you have the correct database credentials in there and you have assigned a user to the database in phpmyadmin.

You also can use fantastico in cPanel to install wordpress. Look for the blue smiley face icon. I hope this helps! Let us know, if you need further assistance.


Tim S