Error 500 after migrate wordpress to new server

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After migrate wordpress site from ovh to inmotion my site showing error 500 when i accessing homepage. But i can open txt file.



I'm happy for answering you, I understand that you have migrated your WordPress site from OVH to InMotion, but you are now encountering an error 500 when trying to access the homepage. However, you are able to open a txt file.

The error 500 typically indicates that there is a server-side issue preventing your site from functioning properly. There could be a number of potential causes for this error, such as an issue with your WordPress installation or an issue with your server configuration.

To begin troubleshooting this issue, I would recommend checking the error logs on your InMotion hosting account to see if there are any specific error messages that could point to the root cause of the problem. Additionally, you may want to check your WordPress installation to ensure that all necessary files and configurations were properly migrated during the transfer process.

If you are still unable to identify the cause of the issue, it may be helpful to reach out to InMotion's customer support team for assistance in resolving the problem.

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Sorry for the problems with your WordPress generating a 500 error after migrating it from another host.  There is a number of possibilities that could cause the 500 error.  I would first check the PHP versions to make sure that your account is using a compatible version.  You should also check to make sure that your nameservers have been changed to InMotion Hosting. If you have made the necessary changes that are needed with migrating a WordPress site and you're still having problems, then I would recommend that you contact our live technical support team

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