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I'm trying to use Microsoft's Outlook mail to receive and send email from my newly created account. The auto generate didn't work so I went in manually to set up. Tried to follow instruction from the Cpanel but not easy to follow. Outlook said it had found the account but I've yet to get emails out or in. Can you help?

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Thank you for contacting us about an email client not working. First, here is a link to our guide on how to find your email settings, and here is a link to our Outlook Setup guide

This can be caused by a number of things and we'll go over them for you. If you updated your DNS (such as Nameservers or MX Record) settings or just registered a domain within the last 24 hours it may not be fully resolved to your new account. This is due to the new DNS settings taking time to update across the globe or propagate.

Next, ensure that your MX records are pointing to a domain that resolves to your new server.

If your problems persist, I recommend checking your mail logs for any record of transmissions from your email address. The logs will list if a message is delivered successfully or if delivery fails. If you are on a shared server, our Live Support team can help you review the mail logs. Let us know if you have any further questions.

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