I was looking at some of the information for my domain (mabspc.com) and email information. It is saying there is a problem with the "DKIM" (TXT) Record and the "SPF" (TXT Record. How do I go about correcting these two errors?

mastertype 5 months ago in Technical Support / Email updated by Stormy Scott (Content Marketing Coordinator) 5 months ago 1

As noted above (in the header), I noticed that there are some errors associated with my "domain" name and email accounts. The errors say something to the effect that there is no "DKIM" or "SPF" (TXT) Record associated with my email or domain name (mabspc.com). I do not know how to go about fixing there errors.

I have noticed that I am receiving a lot of "junk" emails (and a some of them are supposedly coming from my email address). I am currently using "BoxTrapper" to try to catch and stop these emails. Is there a better (more efficient) way to totally stop these junk (SPAM) emails from coming in?


Hi Mastertype, 

Per your account, I see that you spoke to one of our live support agents concerning the first part of your message. For spam, you can try using Spam Experts. Once configured, it should help manage the amount of spam you're receiving. If you need help setting up Spam Experts, please reach out to our live support. 

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