cannot install Plugin due to existing folder

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Had the plug-in for a while but removed from the plugin list and try to install again and getting the following error:
Installation failed: Destination folder already exists.
Let me know if you have any idea to fix this. 

The folder route should something like  > wp-content > plugins > simple calendar but I can't find and delete it from there.


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Hi, Rick! It's likely that the plugin left data in another location, like the php.ini, SQL database, or wp-config.php file. If the plugin folder was deleted manually, WordPress may even think that the plugin is still installed. I'd start by trying to use the WordPress Command Line to see if WordPress still reads the plugin as active with the wp plugin list command. You can use the built in cPanel Terminal, but please be sure to make a full backup first, including the database. If you've never used the terminal before, I'd suggest that you ask our 24/7 Live Support team to check as terminal use is an advanced skill. Hope that helps!

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Hello, thank you for your question regarding your plugin installation. I'm more than happy to help. Have you checked your WordPress dashboard to see if the plugin is still active/not-removed from the "Plugins" section? 

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Courtney V. 

Rick An

The Plugin Name is Simple Calendar and was worked before but disappeared and cannot reinstall.