How to change my current html-coded site with a new WordPress version.

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My current InMotion site is all html-coded. I want to build a new site with WordPress to replace it. After building/testing, I want to exchange it for the existing site. What is the best procedure for this? Build WordPress on a new subdomain, then somehow overwrite the existing site on the main domain? If so, exactly how is this done?
Hi LooseThreads, Thank you for posting your question regarding building a WordPress site while keeping your current site live, until you are ready to launch the new site live. Indeed, the best way to do that is to create and install WordPress on a subdomain. When you are ready to exchange the live site, we do have an article to guide you through the process of moving a WordPress site from your subdomain/subfolder (newsite) to the root directory. One tip I like to recommend in this process: Before following Step 3 of the "moving your WordPress from a subfolder to your main folder" section, you will need to move the old site out of the main directory (to make room for the new site files). You can simply rename the directory that the old site files are in. For example, by default the old site files would be stored in the public_html/ directory and the new site files would be in the public_html/subfolder directory. In this case, rename the old directory to something like public_html.bak/ and then create a new/empty directory named public_html/to work with. Keep in mind, in this case, the "new site" would now be in the public_html.bak/subfolder/ directory. This will be the directory you will navigate to inside the File Manager (in Step 3) to copy the new site files from to place them in the new/empty public_html directory. Also, keep in mind that if you have any other subdomains, you will need to move those subfolders to the new public_html/ directory as well. Be sure to make a full cPanel backup prior to making any changes. This will ensure a restore point should things get mixed up during the move. I hope this helps! Sincerely, Carlos D