My site is still loading too slow?

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Hello In Motion & Co

I am a new customer coming from Site Ground.***.net

One of the reasons I moved to InMotion was that I thought that I could speed up my site due t the SSD etc.

However the opposite is the case.***.net/bWx42DpR

The numbers look pretty good but I believe that every thing is actually really slow.

I have done all kinds of stuff.

- Joomla Cache optimisation
- Dedicated Joomla Cache plugin (JCH)
- Added code to the .httacess file
- stopped an out of control script
- switched off another plugin that was apparently using 80% f the CPU cycles
( Secure Plugin)
- took steps to avoid the site loading twice (this might be happening again!)

and more

And still the site does not really get much faster.

I even have the impression that the more I navigate my site the slower it gets.

I have been attempting to deal with this problem for weeks now and would really like to move forward.

What is slowing things down?
Any kind of break down of what is going wrong and why?

Would be greatly appreciated


Hello Paul, Thank you for your question regarding your site loading slow. When I check the "Waterfall" tab in GTMetrix, it indicates a lot of PHP processing happening. Due to this I recomend enabling caching. While the caching plugin may be installed, it does not seem to be caching some of the regularly requested elements. This is causing it to generate them with PHP every time it is requested, rather than just serving it from cache. I also noticed some large documents and javascripts taking a while to load. You may want to review what tasks these are performing to see if they can be optimized. Thank you, John-Paul