Sharing of address book to all e-mails in my domain

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I would like to ask help on how to enable sharing of address books across all the e-mail accounts in my domain. I have tried in making a test shared address book in horde but when I log in on different e-mail accounts, the contacts do not appear. Help would be much appreciated.

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Hello 10_ray,

Thanks for your question about shared address books. I just tested it in Horde and the feature is working. If you go into cPanel and look at the list of email accounts you should see the following:

Shared Address Book

Every cPanel account includes a system-managed Shared Address Book that serves as a user directory and allows collaboration. All of the email accounts listed above can access the Shared Address Book. If disabled, only the Default Email Account can access the Shared Address Book. Therefore, other users cannot access the Shared Address Book for contact information or for automatic calendar availability.

If you have any further questions, please let us know.

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Arnel C.