SSHD is down and won't restart

  • Answered
I have a VPS-3000 server, CENTOS 7.3, cPanel v66.0.17. When I log into WHM and go to: Server Status -> Service Status, 'sshd' is listed as down. I try and restart by going to: 'Restart Services' -> 'SSH Server', but that doesn't help either. it still says it's down. The strange thing too is, I'm logged in via SSH as well. Can you help clarify what is going on? The SSH server seems to be running since I'm logged in via SSH, but yet it's listed as down in the services.
IMH Support Agent 5
Hello mark462, Thanks for submitting a question about your SSH server down and not restarting. Considering that you are logged in through SSH, it appears that the service is running normally. It's possible the error is a glitch or WHM is reporting the situation incorrectly. Sometimes old errors can get stuck in something like a crash log and keep displaying. If you would like someone from the Live Support team to take a closer look, I advise submitting a verified ticket. Best, Christopher M.