How To Upgrade PrestaShop With Softaculous

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I am working on upgrading my site from Prestashop to the latest version of 1.7. I am having problems with uploading the latest version of the 1-Click upgrade module to do this. I understand this is the model to help make this particular upgrade.

So, I am wondering if Softaculous would help with the upgrade even if I didn't originally use it to install Prestashop.

Tim S.
Good morning, Thanks for your question about using Softaculous to upgrade an existing Prestashop installation where Softaculous was not used to install it. In this instance, I dont think Prestashop would help. If you are having issues using the one-click upgrade module, what errors are you getting? Maybe we can help you if you provide more information here. Let us know if you have any more questions. Thanks! Tim S