I have 315 broken links on my site

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QUESTION: Hi, I have had issues with CloudFlare and have been going back and forth between you guys and them for awhile. Once I installed CF, my site began to register almost 400 broken links. As it turned out, one of your techs said that I needed to create an A record for my www.aviewtoathrill.net site name because all of my broken links were prefixed with www. My naked site aviewtoathrill.net was fine. So CF helped me to do that, but they said that I would need to delete the CNAME that referenced www.

As soon as I did that, my www site redirected to my naked site and my broken links disappeared! Unfortunately, they soon came back. All of the broken links were once again www- prefixed. There is one thing that I am noticing though. All of the broken links are for photos. When I go to the site, they are not broken. But when you check the link that they SAY is broken, it is. I can only see one difference between the broken and unbroken link and that is the forward slash (/) sign.
IMH Support Agent 5

Thank you for submitting a question about broken links on your site. I redacted the full chat for privacy reasons, but I was able to glean some of the main points. You are using WordPress and the broken links appear to be images. What I'm not as sure about it is tool you're using to check these links. Is this a Google analytics or Search Console tool? Are the links getting a 404 error or a different error code? Because you mentioned they don't appear to be broken when you visit them. And, to clarify, do you prefer to use www or non-www?

Christopher M.