Need clarification on changing from WordPress to Dreamweaver

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I am switching from WordPress to Dreamweaver. Bit of a newbie on this. I asked a question on this a while ago but never got around to implementing the answer. and need more clarification as I am ready to install my new site.

I understand that regarding the current pages on my site I should "copy all the WordPress core files into a backup folder, and then uploading the Dreamweaver files." I can get into file manager and see all my files but which subfolders contains the WordPress files that i need to move. Is it everything under public_html\wp-admin, public_html\wp-content, AND public_html\wp-includes (all three)
or is it everything under Is it everything under public_html?

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Hello Krypton21, Thank you for submitting a question about WordPress and Dreamweaver. This depends on which files the Dreamweaver site is going to be using. This may only require moving the index file. Or, you may need to move all the files. Basically, Dreamweaver will generate its own set of files and folders. You must only make sure these replace the WordPress files. Before proceeding, I'd advise taking a backup of your WordPress site with Softaculous, just in case. Best, Christopher M.