Error #1146 when updating URL's

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Transferring my WordPress site. In phpMyAdmin I opened ipex_posts, then clicked on SQL tab and entered code to replaced old URL's with new URL's. Got #1146 error. Can you check if my database file names are correct and new URL's correct? Used the following to make changes (as extracted and modified from your step 6 in Correcting Image Links: " UPDATE wp_posts SET post_content=(REPLACE (post_content, '','')); "
Error 1146 in MySQL indicates the selected table you're trying to work with doesn't exist.

If you're running the exact command above, you'll need to change wp_posts in the command to ipex_posts and try again.
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Hello, Thank you for your question about transferring your WordPress site. It looks like the database action is replacing the old URL with a Temporary URL. Was the WordPress site URL updated to match that? That could be a source for problems. Best, Christopher M.