How to Reduce Server Time Under 2 Seconds

  • Answered

An ongoing project of mine has been to increase my company's website load speed. Through some testing and diagnosis, I've discovered that my site is taking two seconds to connect and exchange data with the server. This is a bit long, as it represents nearly 1/4 of the current waiting time.

We are currently setup on the VPS 1000S and are set to renew in September. Would switching to a better server (VPS 2000HS-S/3000HS-S) would improve our site load speed? If so, how much faster should I expect?

Hello Jeff, Thanks for asking about performance improvement in moving to the VPS2000/VPS3000. If there was an improvement it would be minor. The better upgrade would be to go a dedicated server because you would have complete control over the resources. According to Gtmetrix you can optimize your code further in order to make your site faster. Try reviewing their suggestions to improve the load times for your site. Thank you for your question about Gratefully, Arn