Transfer hosting from one account to another

  • Answered
Hi, we manage ****** under my username "******", we manage the renewals, the email accounts, etc. Now this client has moved to another provider and we would like you to transfer the hosting to an account they manage. We want the new provider to have access to all the www.****** account under their account and this hosting be removed from ours. They should handle from now on the renewals, new emails accounts, etc. What steps should we take to make this happen? thanks.

PS: We have another hostings under our account that we don't want to lose so we just want to transfer this one that has been renewed until 2018.
Hello, Thank you for your question on separating accounts. You will need to contact our Live Support team for assistance in preparing the specific account files for transfer. Anyone who has access to the cPanel will have access to all domains on the account. You may want to have our team package up the specific files so you can send them to the client or new host. This will keep your other domains safe. If you do not mind the other provider having access, then all you need to do is provide them with the access credentials so they can go in and get what they need. Kindest Regards, Scott M