Why aren't any of my changes going through?

  • Answered
So we just recently had our account migrated over from the west coast data center to the east coast. The move seemed to be successful, however, any changes I make in the backend of any of our sites aren't being shown on our websites. One example is for our company website, freedomcreativesolutions.com, doesn't matter what change I make on the homepage, it doesn't follow through on the site. I normally make changes by accessing the whm, clicking on the cpanel for the chosen account, going to file manager, and accessing the file through the code editor. Please help!

Thank you for your question about making website changes after a server move. Moving servers to a different coast also involves changing all of the IPs related to your account. Please keep in mind that these changes, as with all DNS changes, may take up to 4 - 24 hours to take effect.

Casey B.