WHMCS domain lookup/cart.php error

  • Answered
I'm having a problem with my WHMCS installation not returning any information on domain name lookups. In the "Find your new domain name" box, once you enter a domain and click search, it never returns any results. It "twirls" like it's looking, but that will go on forever. It doesn't matter if user is logged in or not. It doesn't matter if the domain name is available or unavailable, or which TLD it is. I am using the standard order form template, although I've tried others with the same results.
In my research, I have found two things that are related to this issue. A troubleshooting document from WHMCS support titled "Troubleshooting Order Form Issues" here: http://help.whmcs.com/m/troubleshooting/l/680894-troubleshooting-order-form-issues - and the fact that when this happens an internal server error is generated to the error log in cpanel. It is an out of memory error, however there is 2GB allocated so it's not really a memory size issue.
The above WHMCS article states that the content type returned in cart.php should be "application/json" and if it is not, this is the cause of the problem. In my case when I look at that variable using inspector, the content type returned is "text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1".
I have put in tickets with IMH support, but they have been unable to resolve the problem, and suggested I post here.
If anyone has seen this problem and has any suggestions as to what I can do about it, or what to check next, it would be most appreciated.
Hello, If its showing the endless loading circle its likely that WHMCS is waiting for a response from something or is trying to execute something that failed, I would recommend enabling error logging in your php.ini file and in your WHMCS dashboard so you can see what is failing first and then go from there. WHMCS has documentation on how to enable their error reporting here. Best Regards, KyleM