Using a clone site for testing and development

  • Answered
I would like to know the recommended way to clone an existing Wordpress site to use for development and testing purposes.
Should I use cpanel to migrate files / folders to a new subdomain, or should I use Softaculous? I have used both methods and every time I seem to have problems when migrating back into production.
Softaculous seems easier to use but not sure if it is the recommended procedure.
I would like to keep my existing Wordpress site live while I test out a new theme, plugins, pictures, and structure. I prefer not to take it off line. Guidance on best practices are appreciated.
Thank you.
Hello rick85251, Thank you for your question on creating a testing and development area for your WordPress site. We actually have an article for that very situation. Please check out our article entitled "Making a duplicate WordPress Site for Development and Testing" for specifics. Kindest Regards, Scott M