Instant WordPress Control Panel not working after installation

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This was original query

When click on instantwp a white page appears with the message -
And nothing else happens
Several days but iwp not working at all

and this was response:


Thank you for your question on Instant WordPress. Can you provide more information on the issue? Please provide the exact URLs and steps you are taking so we can attempt to duplicate and troubleshoot the issue.

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Scott M


Can’t register as general email not accepted and so new complaint with the old URL for reference

and this is my reply please reply here so that I can see and I have nothing more to add.

Thanks for your response.

I Download iwp and installed in another drive. Then clicking on folder InstantWP_4.5 opens the subfolders. There clicking on InstantWP application file should start the iwp so that I can create website on my computer.

BUT after this click nothing happens except that a window opens (I am a novice for computers so using this word window) and there at left hand top the message appears Redirecting.. and nothing happens thereafter even though I had waited for 20 minutes.

Today I opened all subfolders and clicked on 2 more files with iwp name which I found in some subfolder one carrying the name server and another plain iwp and same thing happened there too.

I can not create a website at all though I have downloaded some other programmes which open how to create a website offline. But my actual website will be wp based so I have to use it.

I have 3-4 other free offline website creator programmes and will use it if iwp fails totally.

There is no URL as nothing has opened as yet i.e. the programme itself has not opened. The heading of window is iwp in full form.

Thanking you again for your reply.
Hello, After reviewing the issue from Scott's answer and your replies we have determined that you are looking for support for Instant WordPress. This version of WordPress is a third-party application made to run on Windows in a local environment. This means that the installation is not hosted on a server using Apache Web server and MySQL server. If you are having issues with the application, you will need to speak with the developers of that application, as we do not provide support for that application. Our installation environment and requirements are different. Apologies that we can't provide a direct answer for you, but you may want to look at this link for the Instantant Wordpress documentation. Note that the application is made for developing WordPress sites on a standalone system. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.