Publishing my website from another package

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My website is up and running. I developed it using WordPress (online version). I have redesigned the site using Dreamweaver CC 2017. Do I need to "unpublish" the current WordPress created site first in order to properly republish it using Dreamweaver or will the system remove all WordPress files and install Dreamweaver files. If I have to "unpublish" first, what documentation would I read?

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Hello KRYPTON21,

Thank you for your question about replacing WordPress with your Dreamweaver site. You will definitely want to replace the WordPress files. However, this can be tricky while synchronizing the moment in which the change will occur. There are many different methods for accomplishing this.

The easiest method would involve copying all the WordPress core files into a backup folder, and then uploading the Dreamweaver files. This way there would not be a conflict, and you quickly revert back to WordPress if there was a problem.

Christopher M.