What are the stats for downtime and how often servers are rebooted?

  • Answered
I just noticed that my server was rebooted. Is there any place I can look to see why this occurred? In general, what kind of uptime can I expect and in general, how often are servers rebooted in the course of a year? Thanks.

Thanks for your question about servers being rebooted. In general, if a server has been rebooted, it's done for maintenance issues such as component updates. In some cases, it's done to resolve an issue so that normal operations are restored to a server. You can request a server review via a support ticket to get a report of actions on your server. There is no pre-determined schedule for when servers are rebooted and it doesn't happen on a regular basis.

I hope that helps to answer your questions! If you require further assistance, please let us know!

Arnel C.