Wrong IP address in InMotion DNS servers

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I purchased a domain from Flippa almost 3 years ago, let's nickname it domainfromflippa.com. I have been hosting this domain with a different provider along with many other domains/websites for some time. I have recently decided to move all of my websites to InMotion, so I purchased a one year VPS plan. Migration was going fine for the first few sites, but when I tried to move domainfromflippa.com to InMotion, the IP address that the InMotion DNS servers was passing out was incorrect.

I contacted chat support and they said that domainfromflippa.com was active in a different account. I suspect that the former owner that sold me the website was prevously hosting the site with InMotion and just never bothered to delete the subdomain from their account. Chat support basically said that if I can't validate the original account then there is nothing they can do. I can't validate the original account because it's not my account. I cannot get in touch with the previous owner, we have not spoken in 3 years since the original sale and I do not have his info anymore.

Do I have any other options? I feel like my only choice is to request a refund and find a different host. This option is a bit of a bummer as I've had a good experience so far.

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Hi Jason.

Thanks for posting your question regarding the trouble that you are currently having. I'm sorry to see the circumstances that you are faced with. For security purposes, I am unable to divulge specific information regarding this dispute in our public forum. However, I have notified our Customer Service team and you should be receiving a follow up (via email) shortly.

Thank you for your patience.


Carlos D.