Static Image Before the Blog

  • Answered
Using a Boldgrid Template. Would like to add a static image before the blog without making the whole page static.
Would like to add a picture of the Skinwalker Boat that would stay on all the pages. Not sure if this is possible using a template. , I use Dreamweaver but am helping someone who has no experience at all with websites and I have no word press experience. I do html and Css but no php
Hello, Thanks for the question about adding a static image before the blog. You can use BoldGrid and then add a background that can stay fixed or move depending on how you set it. To do this, login to the admin, click on Customize, then click on background. This will vary based on inspiration (theme) that you select. If you're trying to create a behavior behond what is set in the theme, then you will need to modify it yourself, we can't really help with creating custom behaviors for the graphics in the theme. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.