how do i switch themes and start completely over?

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i'm new to wordpress.

i've been fiddling with a theme i purchased several months ago. i've made lots of custom changes to CSS, etc. I've since come to want a different theme.

i installed the new theme and it looks wrong. it seems to my WP uneducated mind that my previous customization is interefering.

how can i get rid of all the customization and start from scratch? i'm ok if i lose all of my previous pages and posts. it won't take long to recreate the content in the new theme. but i want to eliminate everything that could be interfering.

please tell me how i can basically start from scratch, then install the new theme and start customizing that them and creating content.

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Hello, Thank you for your question about starting over in WordPress. The easiest way to restart your site completely is to re-install WordPress with Softaculous, and make sure you have the "Overwrite" box checked. Let us know if you have any problems! Best, Christopher M.