i am unable to edit the text in footer widget like i used to

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I want to delete the "20th Floor" in the footer widget of my website harrimancapitalpartners.com. I tried in the same way as i've done before in the customize page but i was unable to edit it. Could you please help? Thanks a lot!!!
IMH Support Agent 5

Thank you for contacting us about editing your footer. I regret to hear you're having trouble. You should be able to edit that text through the footer widget editor in the customizer, but it is possible your contact info is saved in the "Contact Info" widget.

You will need to edit the contact info through Widgets in the WordPress admin menu. But you can get there easily through the Customizer.

Go to the Customizer > Header/Footer Widgets > Edit in Admin

Once you are directed to the Widget admin area, look for the "Footer Center" widget area. That is where you will find and edit the "Contact Info" widget.

Christopher M.