Deleted the Boldgrid "Vacation" them Contact Us page need to reinstall

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My Boldgrid "Vacation" theme came with a Contact form. But I just realized I must have deleted it I guess. I'd like to reinstall this Contact form page it. I only need its most basic functionality (unfortunately for a trade show tomorrow...) How can I do this and do I have to pay $99 for Ninja Forms just to get this simple contact form to send me a contact us email? - Thanks!!! - Jim
Other notes... I only have a "staged" Boldgrid site. Never had an active one. I only have the Home page done and for tomorrow just need it and the contact form. I think I can easily edit the "stock" form. Not too sure about implimenting it to send me an email to [email protected] though.
Hello Jim,

Thanks for the question about BoldGrid and the Ninja Forms option. If you are subscribing to a host that provides BoldGrid (like InMotion Hosting), then when you load the BoldGrid plugin and then install an Inspiration, you will get some of the Ninja Forms functionality since it is used with the plugin. The contact form is one of the common forms that come with each inspiration. You can't really use it without the BoldGrid theme loaded. I hope this helps to clarify that issue.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Arnel C.
Nevermind. I decided to just paste my text, pic and setting into a Word doc and start over. I think something other in the site may have been messed up too as it was a bit flaky.
Thanks anyways!