is there a software that can start with a truly blank page?

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I would really like to avoid working with the templates, I find them quite inhibiting. I have taken the time to learn 3 different web builders available on your site and don't want work with any of them. I am likely going to end up building my site off line and uploading it FTP, but was hoping to find some advantage to the software offered. Do you have any suggestions?
Sure, try using Notepad. Always coded that way before .php came out.

Hope this helps, Mal
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Hello creat514, Thank you for your question about site-builders. We recommend WordPress because it is highly customizable, and adding the BoldGrid site-builder to WordPress is fast and easy to use. However, if you prefer to build the site by hand, you will have the most control over the site, but it is more difficult and time-consuming. However, time spent learning the ins and outs of WordPress can give you the same control and provide you with easy site-management tools and a whole field of plugins to add more functionality. However, this all depends on your preference. Best, Christopher M.