How to Add Logos to My BoldGrid Site

  • Answered
I want to add the network for good (like pay pal but for non profits) logo and link on my homepage header...right now, they only allow me to add logos for facebook, youtube, etc, but not for paypal or in my case for network for good. Also, the tagline on my homepage is being written within the site title, instead of just below it. so, you cannot read the tagline because the title of the site is written over it.
IMH Support Agent 5
Hello, Thank you for your question about adding logos and site design in BoldGrid. The logos for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are provided because they are the most widely used social media platforms. Logo support for a wider range of businesses and services is somewhat limited because there are far too many to cover. However, if you have a logo in the right dimensions it can be coded into the header by hand. As an alternative to self-coding there may be a widget plugin that has the logos you need, or can be modified to add new logos. Regarding the site title and tagline issue, which theme are you using? If you can provide some replication steps for that we may be able to find the cause or suggest a workaround? Did you use the Customizer to put in the tagline? What adjustments have you made so far? Best, Christopher M.