WordPress widgets have disappeared

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It seems that my widgets in the customization menu of domain have disappeared. They are also not in the Homepage Widget Area A section in the customization menu. The widgets do exist in the Appearance>Widgets section. I believed this occurred after installing and activating the WooCommerce widget. Since then, I have deactivated the Woocommerce widget, but to no avail. Can you assist? Thank you.

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I was asked by Mathew, through chat this morning, to post question through Community Support. A link was given (with no instructions to log in). Question was posted. I am now logged in and cannot find question with the response from Christopher.

Update: I have defaulted the WordPress theme and widgets have returned. However, when activating the previous WordPress theme (same theme used before and after WooCommerce), the widgets again disappear. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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Hello John,

Thank you for contacting us again. Your previous question had been approved yet. I have gone ahead and approved this iteration.

Regarding the problem, if the theme switch solved it, I suggest contacting the theme developer to see if they have a suggestion or some reason why their widget areas conflict with WooCommerce. Bear in mind, there is no guarantee that different plugins and themes will work well together in all circumstances. There are so many different developers out there working with WordPress that conflicts happen occasionally.

Christopher M.