Add to Cart button in PrestaShop not working

  • Answered
When I click on a product to bring up the product page, the Add to Cart button does not work. It appears to be for all products. I cannot tell why it does this, nor do I recall when it stopped working.
IMH Support Agent 5
Hello, Thank you for contacting us about the Add to Cart button ceasing to work in Prestashop. I recommend enabling PHP error reporting, so you can see if any errors are generated. If you are using the Firefox browser you can also check errors by right-clicking the Add to Cart button and clicking "Inspect Element (Q)" and choosing the "Debugger" tab. This will display information about the elements on your page that may be causing errors. These can help us isolate a possible cause of the problem. Without much more information available on when the error occurred it is difficult to make any kind of accurate prognosis. If you have any more information feel free to let us know how we can help. Best, Christopher M.