Mail Function isn't working in my website

  • Answered
Hi everyone,

This used to be working and I didn't make any changes and suddenly it's not working.

I have CS-Cart MultiVendor v 4.3.3.SP1 running my eCommerce website.

There's a feature built in that should automatically use an email I have setup in my cPanel to notify my vendors and customers. It used to be working fine but suddenly for some reason, now when I perform any actions that should send notification emails, I get the following error:

Error: Message could not be sent.
Mailer Error: Could not instantiate mail function.

And I don't know why or how to troubleshoot it. I've done some searching and found 100 different inquiries of people with the similar problem but none of the solutions work for me (some of them are quite confusing too).

I did post this question in the CS-Cart support forums and was suggested that I check with my host as it might likely be something there that is causing the issue. I've seen in some forums that people say their email got marked as spam, so I wonder if that's a factor??

Any help please??
Hello Justgrant2009, Thank you for your question regarding a mailer error in CS-Cart. Be sure you are using SMTP authentication (an email and password) to send out mail. It is explained in their article here. Next, check the email account you are using for sending mail (SMTP). For example, try and login to this email address using webmail. Be sure to check for bounced/returned emails or notifications. Review your mail logs for additional errors, or record of the transmissions. The CS-Cart error logs may also provide additional information into any modifications that were made. Thank you, John-Paul