Boldgrid Never Finishes Installing An Inspiration

  • Answered
I have a fresh wordpress and bold grid install. When I am trying to implement my first inspiration, it just gets stuck at "Downloading media...".. I have tried several times. This is the full log..

Beginning theme deployment.
Finished theme deployment.
Beginning page set deployment.
Adding page: Home to primary menu.
Adding page: About Us to primary menu.
Adding page: Contact Us to primary menu.
Installing plugin: boldgrid-gallery/wc-gallery.php version 1.0.4.
Plugin version 1.0.4 is already installed.
Activating plugin...
Plugin activation complete.
Installing plugin: boldgrid-ninja-forms/ninja-forms.php version 1.1.2.
Plugin version 1.1.2 is already installed.
Activating plugin...
Plugin activation complete.
Finished page set deployment.
Gathering media information for pages...
Finished gathering media information for pages.
Downloading media for pages...
Hello, Thank you for your question regarding Boldgrid not completing an inspiration install. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. This issue seems to be confined to specific servers. I have notified our Boldgrid Development team, and they advised there should be a fix pushed out next week. We really apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience while we correct the issue. Thank you, John-Paul