Presta Shop Categories Disappear for Wholesale customer group

  • Answered
I created a new customer category, Wholesale. I assigned a test customer to that group manually. The problem is when I am signed in as that test customer, all of the product categories disappear. They no longer are listed in tabs at the top of the page or in the Categories list at the bottom of the page. The Categories block module is turned on for this customer group, as is every other module that is turned on for regular customers. I made no changes there.

Sorry to hear you are having issues with categories showing up for your wholesale customer group. When creating a customer group, you will need to go into each category and subcategory to set up the customer groups allowed. For instance, if you select the top category to be seen, the subcategories are not automatically selected. You will need to set those up as well.

In my test server, this is what allows me to see the different products under the parent categories.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M