Some Softaculous Applications Don't Install Correctly

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Does anyone ever review the Softaculous content to determine if it will work on your severs with their current configuration?

eyeOS doesn't seem to work at all (with no useful error message), ownCloud won't start as the shared server I am on has an old version of libxml2, and for some packages I can find out little about them because the web sites for them has moved or disappeared.

Also, the default server configuration seems to cause some problems with file upload sizes. I would edit php.ini files, but not sure what the default location would be for the like of ownCloud or Pydio.

Any chance of:

1. Reviewing the Softaculous content and removing packages that are no longer developed?

2. Analyzing the requirements for each package and making sure that they are met by the servers?

3. Providing an overview of increasing upload file size for packages, or maybe increasing the default size that they inherit from?

I would have used the support chat as I usually do, but for the past few days it won't start and just times out - looks like an SSL certificate issue to me, but not sure.

Hello Builddroid,

Thank you for your question regarding Softaculous. I will post this to our developers to have them look into the issue with certain software not working on our Shared Platform. Beyond that you would most likely need a VPS or higher server to install certain software. I do apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused you.

Best Regards,
TJ Edens