Wordpress Image Optimizer Plugin

  • Answered
Hi, can anyone tell me what would be the best free image optimizer plug-in for Wordpress.
I have read some reviews but I would like input from people who are using this kind of plug-in here at InMotion.

Am I better off just optimizing with Photoshop? If so, should I change the image dimensions or just the file size.

Thank You.
Hello rdizazzo, Thank you for your question regarding image optimizer plugins in WordPress. If you have access to Photoshop (or a powerful image processor) I definitely recommend optimizing your image dimensions to the specific size it will display on site. This will most likely allow you to optimize many images much quicker, and give you more control. Also, this will not use your web server's resources, but your personal computer instead. This is good since image processing can be quite intensive. It is difficult to say which plugin will work best with your website, since everyone is using a different combination of 3rd party themes/plugins. This means you should test different plugins to see what works with your site. One of the most popular image optimizing plugins (over 300,000 active installs) is EWWW Image Optimizer. Thank you, John-Paul